Chapter 24: All partied-out

Saturday, autumn 2010.

And the day when my girls are about to enter the teenage years has finally arrived. We’re going to celebrate it in great style with a real big party. I’ve ordered some starters from the Little Corsican Bistro and I’m planning to put them over the coffee table in the living room. This way, the guests will be able to fool their stomaches before I serve the marvelous stuffed turkey and the cobbler I’ve prepared.

The girls are bringing home her school friends and all neighbors and contacts have been invited. We’re going to dance and rejoice because I’ve managed to start and raise a lovely family. I’m sure many people have doubted I would have come so far. Oh, diary, I’ve been both worrying and hoping for this day to come for so long… But I’m sure my girls will assure me a peaceful eternal rest by going farther and being more successful than I am. Even though if I’m not yet breaking them the news that I want at least one of the two to stay here, living in our state and worshiping our family name. No, not yet. They’re not yet mature enough.

Coming home from school to the big day

Serving the food

Not everyone rejoices

It might be unwise to delay this essential talk – the one in which Antonia or Clara will be chosen a heir and will have the duty to maintain my original wish when I first moved to Sunset Valley: build a name to be known and respected through the years; build a family behind that name and a home filled with the higher moral values as companionship, honor and serenity – but I’ll risk it. What the heck! I might not be glowing anymore, but even with all these wrinkles I’m still a very healthy and strong woman. The heir choose can wait a bit longer. I want Antonia and Clara to enjoy their youth: all the pleasures and pains within this early years of a Sim life.

Besides Antonia and Clara’s birthday, we’ll be also celebrating Renzo’s brithday. My boy is about to enter his childhood and I hold great expectations on him. I’d like to see him being a genius kid – maybe even conquer his fear of the outdoors and grow a perfect garden! Oh, dear diary, I can’t wait to see how my dearest children will age up…

Renzo's childhood birthday

Party goes wild

Blowing candles

Renzo as a child

Antonia's turn

Antonia's happiness

Antonia's aging up

The twins stare at each other

Clara's turn

Leighton is thrilled with his children aging up

Clara as a teenager

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 24: All partied-out

  1. tipix7 says:

    The girls are so pretty! I love the kitchen layout btw.

  2. medleymisty says:

    I just found this legacy.

    I like it quite a bit. Very good writing and lovely pictures. 🙂

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