Chapter 22: Time and necessity are tied together

Wednesday, autumn 2010.

Necessity and time seem to walk holding hands through eternity. You see, before I managed to hire a good nanny, Maximiliano and Tomas grew into toddlers. Even still demanding a lot of attention, now they can be left outside their cribs to entertain themselves. I’m hoping for our communication to be also better: by teaching Tomas to talk, I expect him to ask for food instead of crying desperately.

I was quite surprised the first time I saw them fully grown into toddlers. I still had sleep in my eyes and for a moment I didn’t even recognize Tomas as my own son. Quite weird. It was Leighton who held both of the boys during the process: he had just got home from work and listened to some slightly different giggles coming from the nursery… soon Tomas and Maximiliano were no longer tiny screaming babies but heavy toddler who couldn’t wait to crawl all around the house!

How did Tomas and Maximiliano dare to age so quickly below my own nose?

Maximiliano and Tomas grow to toddlers

While chatting to Leighton and get the news I’ve lost, I realized I’ve been leaving some matters aside. I’ve been growing old and more and more wrinkles can be seen on my face…

So many matters to solve before leaving this world

Will I live enough to see one of children rule the world? Will they multiply our family funds? Will one of them become an orchestra conductor? Or a chess legend? One can never know. But I would sure love to see Clara follow her earlier instincts… even if nowadays seems that nowadays she’s much more into chess than into music. I’m sure Antonia will follow her father’s steps: she’s always watching sports news on TV, exercising herself or talking about how strong she will be.

I'll be super strong!

And there are the boys… Doesn’t matter what the girls choose to do, if I or Leighton dies before Tomas, Renzo and Maximiliano make into adulthood, either Antonia or Clara will have to stay here and take care of the house and the youngsters Paons! I’m sure Renzo will end helping raising Tomas and Maximiliano. He’s so easy to deal with…

Renzo easy life

Very different from the twin boys. What will they grow up to? I really don’t have a clue.

Three mosketeers

Learning to talk

Maximiliano is hungry again!

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 22: Time and necessity are tied together

  1. tipix7 says:

    Aw I hope she doesn’t die anytime soon!

    • jurocha says:

      I’m so afraid of that! I would like her to see her first grandchild; but since she got pregnant quite late in her life… I’m sure she’s going to make it.

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