Chapter 20: Another season, another seed

Sunday, autumn 2010.

With all the family obligations – teaching Renzo to walk and talk, helping Clara with her homework and begging Antonia to drive her bike slowly – I almost forgot Leighton’s birthday as well as my own.

Reading with Renzo

Teaching Renzo to walk

Antonia and her flying bike

We were not only leaving our best years behind but also celebrating our Wood anniversary. Despite the pregnancy back aches, I agreed with Leighton about we throwing a big party. Since we hadn’t yet invited all neighbors and friends to visit our house and get to know our beautiful family, it would also be a opportunity for doing that. So I hired a nanny, bought a complete buffet table and called our dearest contacts inviting them over. I wanted a great party. Leighton wanted a great party. And last Thrusday’s night couldn’t have been more surprising.

Party time

From the start, Sam agreed to come. As well as to act as Uncle Sam. Most guests didn’t threaten our small act: Kaylynn was too young when I married Leighton and couldn’t know or care less about my husband’s past, she also was in the party mainly to represent Iliana, her recently deceased mother and wouldn’t dare to cause a scene; Dorothy knew how to keep a secret, of course and Isidro Hayward was just the babysitter… The problem was Jamie, who still naive about life and its ways even after reaching her eld years. She almost ruined by enthusiastically greeting Sam… I could feel she would say something like “You grew so much since I last saw you… Leighton must be so proud”… but luckily I managed to interrupt her with a great scream.

It was supposed to be a false alarm. I would scream like I was having a contraction, and then, my girls wouldn’t hear whatever Jamie could have said. It would also gain me some minutes so I could push Jamie to a side and explain her my motives to hide the truth. She was a long time and many times fooled friend; it wouldn’t be a problem… except by the fact that the second scream wasn’t fake at all.

My third labor began in the middle of our formal party!

Fake or not?

Having another baby

I was so embarrassed! Our party was a failure! We didn’t manage to blow out the candles and neither me or Leighton aged up as everyone expected to see. Anyway, my guests were kind – and ironic – enough to sent greeting cards to the hospital thanking me for the double entertainment. Yes, double entertainment. It’s always funny when the ones in trouble aren’t us but someone else. I wouldn’t call my labor an entertainment.

This time I was decided to get a C-section. It’s true I was lucky with Renzo: his labor was quick and it didn’t have any further complications. But it wasn’t the case when it came to Antonia and Clara’s birth: those two gave me loads of work and pain. My obstetrician risked saying I had 50% chance of an easy labor again, but I wasn’t willing to risk the other 50%. Specially after the ultrasound confirmed I was expecting twins. Again.

Everything was planned to happen four days after our Wood anniversary. I would go to the hospital by noon and get prepared for the surgery. Some extra monitoring would be needed due my low blood pressure history but this time the anesthesiologist couldn’t deny me an injection. I would get a general anesthesia – and loose the moment of my babies coming to world, but it was safer to all of us and well, I already have seen three kids coming to world. My curiosity was satisfied.

With the rushed labor beginning, I ended having an emergency C-section. Well, it wasn’t that bad at all. Actually, things went as planned: just four days in advance. I didn’t see much of the doctors and nurses run since the anesthesia effect hit me really fast. But Leighton watched it all at the surgery room. He said he didn’t faint, just cried over the emotion of seeing our twin boys for the first time.

Well, I know it wasn’t exactly like that. I talked to one of the nurses after I woke up and she said he did faint. And lost the very moment when Maximiliano and Tomas came out of my belly. Let’s just say I prefer Leighton’s version for posterity and in a family like ours… what’s wrong with one more little secret?

Maximiliano and Tomas birth

Most important of all is that we’re a really big and happy family. I’m glad I lived long enough to satisfy my innermost wishes, even though by doing so I also have to stare at a bit too many wrinkles when I look myself in the mirror. Last week was one full of emotions… On Thursday I completed a marriage anniversary and gave birth to twins and two days later, when I was released from hospital and joined my husband and family back home, I made into old age.

Brigida aging to be an elder

Yes, the first night back home, it happened. What everybody was expecting on Thursday during our lame party hit both of us, Leighton and me. Too bad, I was kind of considering another kid…

…as well as Leighton…

Leighton's aging up to be an elder

Everyone gets old

Guess we’ll have to call it done.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 20: Another season, another seed

  1. tipix7 says:

    Wow- good luck with 5 children in the house. Triplets were bad enough.

    • jurocha says:

      Thanks to Leighton’s LTW… I’ll have to face this challenge. Well, I really don’t have a clue about how it’s going to be, since I’ve working on the blog to finally put it up-to-date to my gameplay before continue to play.

      I’m off to play now. Sim’s God help us all! *g

    • jurocha says:

      Ok, after playing a bit… I’m desperately looking for nannies’ help. *g Do you know a way to influence the pick WITHOUT breaking Pinstar’s rules? Because, sometimes when I call get Shelby Flint, who is great, but most of the times I end with Armando Rushing, who doesn’t do a thing, except eating my ice cream! I wish I could hire Shelby forever!

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