Chapter 19: A small celebration

Tuesday, autumn 2010.

So I’m pregnant. Again. I guess Leighton will be happy: since Sam left, he’s been talking about having more kids now and then. It might be his way to cope with the fact that he miss Sam. But he’s determined to keep our family perfect and… if it means bring more children to the world, I’m OK with it. Why not? I shall give Leighton what he wishes so he won’t ever feel like leaving me or regret choosing our legacy above all things.

I can hire a nanny to help me out, after all. Even if I don’t have a job anymore, Leighton is doing well on his sports career and can afford it. He still have the same sucker as a coach – a few days ago the idiot demanded him to taste an awful energy drink; it was supposed to improve Leighton’s performance but all it did was making Leighton throw up – but now he’s the team captain and holds a salary of 201 simoleons per hour! Diary! I haven’t yet realized it: I’m the wife Llama’s team captain! I’m almost like that Sim, the spice singer… what’s her name again? She married a British soccer player… Vivian? Victoria? Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I was never a big fan of pop music and I don’t need to worry about it playing on my children’s birthday tonight. It will only be a small celebration.

About to enter childhood years

I know I wrote it before, but it’s worth repeating: time flies, dear diary. Here I am about to prepare Antonia, Clara and Renzo birthday cakes. My girls… my boy. It was not too long ago that I was leaving the hospital with tiny babies on my arms and now… the twins are entering their childhood years and are off to school and Renzo is starting to crawl and babble words!

Since my back is aching as badly as it did when I was expecting Antonia and Clara, we’re not having a big party. Just a small family dinner that I’m preparing myself. But I’m sure my kids will enjoy their time – and their presents. The spare room we still had in our house has been completely furnished and painted and it will be my girls’ new bedroom. To Renzo I’ve bought a new book: I’ve read that “Finger paiting 101” is great to stimulate toddler’s creative and I want my baby boy to be a genius!

I can’t wait to see how my children will age…

Renzo's first birthday

Small celebration

Aging up

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One thought on “Chapter 19: A small celebration

  1. tipix7 says:

    Aw I’m excited to see what they look like! It’s nice that she finally has no drama to deal with.

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