Chapter 18: Family life

Monday, summer 2009.

Dorothy was very understanding when the twins were born. She passed the job I was supposed to do to someone else, but assured me I would still hold a position on the syndicate. It seems she was planning something big and would need every member of the organization for the stroke. But the fact that I couldn’t get myself into shape as soon as she expected certainly blew off my career chances.

Well, in fact, I really don’t mind. It’s not that I don’t miss the night thrill – I kinda liked the job; the syndicate was kind like a family, even if an illegal and strange one… – but it certainly don’t suit a mother of three. It wasn’t very surprising for the guys the fact that I wasn’t coming back. I should have reported back a while ago, just when the twins made into toddlers, but I didn’t… and the fact that I had popped out another child just made clear how unnecessary my visit to the building was.

But I had to say goodbye to Dorothy. After a few months sucking up to her, I started appreciating my boss! And to avoid future problems, it seemed clever to me to personally present my apologies and goodbye. I didn’t want her to believe I don’t respect her domains. I do. And I have kids to keep safe.

So, that’s now how life is following its ways. I spend my days at home: changing Renzo’s dirty diapers, playing with Antonia and Clara and taking care of the garden. I don’t have to worry neither about Sam or Leighton finding out about my connections to the syndicate. I have a perfect life!


With the kids

It’s true, dear diary. My life is finally exactly how I wished it to be. I have three beautiful kids, a loving husband and my dream house is finally fully built. Yes, I finally have what I always deserved: I’m living in the lap of luxury! And I’m even thinking about changing the color of my sofas again… and what about a display for my lucky diamond? I guess it will be a beautiful to my dresser… or to the coffee table in the living room… or even to my fireplace!

Loving husband

Lucky diamond

I couldn’t be feeling happier, I couldn’t be more fulfilled… Well, in fact, I could be feeling better: my stomach is uneasy since I woke up and this nausea, diary, is in my way to fully enjoy my conquers! Aff!

Nausea once more

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 18: Family life

  1. tipix7 says:

    uhohh, more babies for leighton’s LTW?
    I love the house 🙂

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