Chapter 12: Not the best moment

Tuesday, spring 2009.

What was I to do? Ask for the marriage annulment? Bash Leighton’s head with a baseball bat? Flee from Sunset Valley to even further south? The nausea just grows bigger and bigger and I can’t even hide I’m pregnant any longer. It’s amazing how quick these body changes start to show!

I know this is not the best moment to start a pregnancy. I had just been promoted on the syndicate and Dorothy assigned me with a special job. But for its accomplishment, I would need to be friends with Xander Hart. How am I supposed to get the respect from a getaway driver if I’m looking that huge? Guys like those still have some kind of regards about pregnant women I recently discovered. Preggers are highly hormonal and it seems no one can really trust they will finish a job without start crying. But even more critical than that… I’ve just discovered MY husband ALREADY has a SON!

Oh, Gosh… Today might have been the last day I dress myself on a fishnet shirt. Every second I thought about Leighton having a son, I felt like vomiting and had to ran for the toilet. Dorothy didn’t have a choice but to give me some time for maternity leave. She said she would pass the job to someone else, but that she expected me to be ready to work as soon as I got myself thin – and balanced – again.

More nausea

But I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep following with the syndicate guys. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stay in Sunset Valley. I’m not sure if I’ll keep the baby…


Oooh, but seeing my belly growing, feeling the bumps from the small sea monkey I now have inside of me… it all makes me feel so blessed. I can’t give up of my child. I can’t doom my child due my own mistakes. This was exactly what I wanted to avoid when I ran away from my mu… the woman who gave birth to me. No, I won’t repeat her mistake. I will stand by my family’s side.

It’s also not like I’m that fresh, young woman any longer. I’ve been growing old. What if I turn out to be an elder before becoming pregnant again from a proper father? What if I never become pregnant again? I can’t risk it. I therefore I can’t break my marriage with Leighton. He’s been a hard working partner, despite this terrible secret. And the fact that he didn’t ran away from his responsibilities the last time he made a woman pregnant counts on his favor. I know plenty histories about women raising their kids alone. I don’t know many about men doing so. A kid born outside the wedlock is frequently a woman’s burden, not a man’s…

And Leighton’s taken his burden with joy. I know he loves his son. He wouldn’t dare to call him everyday if he didn’t. And know he loves me. He wouldn’t be such a coward idiot if he didn’t.

A loving father

There’s only one thing to be done to right this wrong. And it starts with a phone call…

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 12: Not the best moment

  1. nessva says:

    Hmmm..I’m wondering what the phone call is to right the wrong..

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