Chapter 9: A marriage and a funeral

Sunday, spring 2009.

Today was the first spring day and I decided to reward myself with an evening visit to the pool. The good weather is not yet all here and I was about to freeze while swimming at the Le Petit Shark Pool Center. After a few hours of exercise to strengthen my muscles and my cardio capacity, I got a bit lonely and decided to call Leighton.

Exercising at the pool

Calling Leighton

I imagined he would say he was just out of his game and too tired to show up. In fact, I was just waiting for an excuse to break up with him, since I was still upset about he not being able to celebrate my birthday with me. But he surprised me, saying he would drop at the pool center right away. His game had ended in a draw and he said it would be nice to relax by my side.

Therefore I didn’t have an excuse for breaking up. He was tired and a bit disappointed with his team performance and still he wanted to see me – more, I meant to him a good company with whom hours would pass by easy and full of joy. After that fateful call, I was melting all over for him again. I could finally realize that he was working hard just so he could afford a comfortable life for his family. For OUR family. Our future family. Our future loved kids. Well, I guess they won’t have the curly hair I would like them to since both Leighton and I have straight hair, but they will for sure be cute if they inherit his oriental charming eyes and my beauty mark.

My head was filled with family and legacy thoughts when Leighton arrived. It was a bit after 7:15pm and the sun had already set down. I didn’t see him arriving, though. At the exact instant, someone accidentally drowned and the Grim Reaper made his apparition. I had never before seen the Grim Reaper or… a ghost. I was shocked!

Death shows its face

The woman who died was not old, I guess she was in her mid-30, and I felt a bit guilty for not seeing or rushing to her while she drowned. Her ghost turned to have a light blue color and a few water drops could be seen falling from her not anymore existent body.

A blue ghost

After the small gathering around the death event was undone, Leighton approached me. He asked if I was OK and said he too was paralyzed by what he had just witnessed. We both kept silent, just looking into one another’s eyes for almost a quarter of hour. We could still feel the Grim Reaper presence somewhere in the pool center; it was like he was hanging around in one of the chairs, just waiting for a maladroit move from another Sim.

I thought I would be more prepared to witnessing death after working as a paramedic, but it turned out I wasn’t. In fact, the few days I actually worked as a Paramedic didn’t made me face death itself – I just helped injured or not so people and they all turned out to be OK. As a Bed Pan Cleaner I knew some patients who happened to pass away, but I was never in their rooms when it did happen. So… until today at the pool, I hadn’t experienced death from such a near distance.

Blossowing love

Suddenly, Leighton spoke. He apologized for not being able to be at my birthday and said he really missed me at the Llama Memorial Stadium, cheering for him from the bleachers. He reassured me of his love for me and we exchanged a breath-taking kiss. And that was it. It was enough for me. I wasn’t that young anymore and witnessing how soon death could strike over us, defenseless Sims, I made the proposal.

I know, diary, the Le Petit Shark Pool Center isn’t the most romantic place in the Simnation. It isn’t even one in Sunset Valley. But it didn’t matter. At the moment, all I wanted was to hear that Leighton and I would be forever together. Hear that nothing could come between us and our plans for a long and happy family. I just needed to know that everything would be just fine, despite the Grim Reaper.

Luckily I had a stolen pair of rings in my bag. I had taken them earlier from a negligent couple who was also bathing at the pool center. They took their rings off and rested them by the pool’s border just before getting inside the water. They wanted to avoid loosing their precious to the drain; they ended loosing it to my eager – yet caring further training – fingers.

Leighton was delighted. Again I had taken away from his shoulders the risk of being rejected and he himself was immersed in the same kind of thoughts I was. He started jumping around and kissing me at the same time when I asked him to marry me.

"Would you marry me?"

Leighton excitement

Since we didn’t have a traditional dinner proposal, Leighton invited me to go over to his place. It’s scheduled for next Wednesday, after another championship game, and it will be my first time at his house. I haven’t noticed until now that I hadn’t yet visited his house. We’ve been dating for almost a year! But our dates happened either at my place or at community lots; Leighton mentioned something about not rushing things, but since now we’re really getting serious…

I guess he’s even more worried about family honor than I am. That’s good! I couldn’t be more happy. Oh, Gosh, I will be getting married. Can you believe that, diary, I will be getting married soon! Can’t wait for next Wednesday: the day were a new stage on my life begins!

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 9: A marriage and a funeral

  1. tipix7 says:

    Hmmm… I wonder if the Leighton in your game has as many children as he has in mine 😛

  2. jurocha says:

    I’ll be submitting the chapter when Brigida (and me myself) become aware of how many children he have right away!

  3. worsiedog says:

    OMG! LOL, I can’t believe you got Leighton, I am so jealous!

    I tried to get him in the first game I ever played with sims3 and I was hoping perhaps he would stray Valentia’s way.

    Enjoying reading your legacy very much!

    • jurocha says:

      Hahaha. Leighton is the new Don Lothario! I’ve said it! *g
      But Christopher is cute too. He and Valentia makes a beautiful couple.

      Thanks for stopping by (and reading)! I’m glad you enjoyed it: I have loads of fun with your legacy too.

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