Chapter 8: A secret life

Friday, winter 2009.

The last coin flip determined – and doomed – my fate. From now on, I must be extremely careful. It feels good being able to afford the building of my dream house. But I don’t want my future heirs to know exactly how I got the money to do it. And I don’t believe they need to know. The lesson I learned, that good can comes from evil, is a lesson they won’t need to learn. I’ll assure they live inside a protected environment and they will never need to suffer or face the moral doubts I did.

I guess I can’t get into much trouble at the first stages of this side life I’m living. I’m only the decoy-duck and the impaired Sims should blame their own naivety and dumbness for falling for the trick. And since the jobs I’ve done so far were during the day, I could always justify my wanderings to Sims I occasionally met as a simple and pleasant walk. Who says we can’t enjoy a day out during the winter? The season is almost over, after all – it’s getting warmer and warmer. But even if it wasn’t I like winters and I’m usually wearing a wool sweater!


Garbage selection

I thought Leighton would be a problem and I was afraid our relationship would sink after this life’s turn over. But he doesn’t suspect about anything. In fact, he’s been so busy trying his way up on his Sports career that he is even ignoring me. He didn’t even show for my birthday today – he said all team members would go for a training camp to get ready for the Sunday match and therefore he wouldn’t be allowed by his coach to stay out in town or even stay up late.

I must confess I was hurt. It would be the first time we would celebrate my birthday together. I would be. It wasn’t that way. Instead of a romantic night at home, full of cuddling in bed, I had a busy night at the Little Corsican Bistro.

Birthday party

Thanks to the simoleons in my pocket I could afford a nice dinner for me and a few friends. I invited Jamie, who was the first to show up, and Cycl0ne Sw0rd, a new acquaintance that might be useful in the future due his computer expertise. We chatted and laughed together before asking for the meals.

To my surprise, just before we decided to order our drinks and food, Dorothy DeMayo showed up. She wasn’t wearing the sexy red fishnet shirt and skinny jeans I’m used to see her on, but a discrete long skirt and an elegant blouse. No one could suspect about her activities just by looking at her on such outfit! Even if she kept the terrible cowboy hat from her work hours. When I introduced her as a friend, Jamie was convinced she was a rich farmer with whom I had been exchanging seeds and garden tips.

Birthday party: a special guest

Dorothy and I shared a table while Jamie and Cycl0ne sat at another one. Thanks to this seat arrangement, I could express my surprise with her appearance. How would she know it was my birthday? I tried to make it as gentle as I could because I didn’t want her to think that I didn’t like the surprise – even if I didn’t, being she who she was, it was definitely out of question making her aware of my personal conflicts.


But she is smart and was instantly aware of my nervousness about being discovered a… well, you know. She laughed out loud and, while blinking at me, said I didn’t need to worry about my secret. She was just keeping an eye on a promising employee, she added. A shiver ran through my spine. Was it a threat or was she really impressed by my development? Should I stop sucking on her to get further on my career or was it exactly the contrary?

Before I could calm myself down, Jamie approached singing “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…”. And Dorothy, who had gone to the restaurant’s toilet and changed to her working outfit just a few moments earlier, watched in the distance while I celebrated my adulthood.

Brigida turns into an adult

Soon, the party… was over.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 8: A secret life

  1. tipix7 says:

    It’s going to be interesting seeing how the criminal career works its way into her life 😛

    • jurocha says:

      I was reticent about making her a criminal; but my boyfriend was all the time saying “Come on, make her a criminal. I bet it will be fun and have new interactions…” So, after his insistence and some pics I saw here and there of Sims rummaging on others garbage – including at the Medley Mist blog you indicated me – I finally switched. So far, so good. She arrives home earlier and therefore I still have natural light for better picture and she always bring more money then she’s supposed to – thanks to the “Do a side job” option!

      • tipix7 says:

        One of my legacy sims (haven’t gotten chapters up that far ahead yet, though) has just entered the criminal career… I’ve never tried it before. I hope that things work out for her, it’s pretty unconventional for a founder (:

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