Chapter 7: A lifetime of opportunities

Thursday, winter 2009.

This week I was surprised again with the out of the blue opportunities we have in life, my diary. I received two calls: one from the Landgraab Industries Science Facility and another from the Divisadero Budget Books. Both facilities wanted to offer me special opportunities – and extra cash.

Going foward

To be payed by the Landgraab Industries, I would have to improve my logical skills and then submit myself to an IQ test. By authorizing the scientist to measure my skill improvement I would not only favor Sim knowledge but also my personal bank account. It didn’t take me more than 1 hour to finish the IQ test and, since I’ve done it in the early morning, I was still able to pass by a furniture store and buy a stove with the unexpected simoleons.

At the science facility

Later on the same day I had my first hot meal in weeks. The mac and cheese I cooked was of a horrifying quality, but since it was my first experience with the recipe I expect to get better. Because if I don’t, I’m afraid I’ll have to go back to the cold and fresh menu – cereal, juice and raw vegetables from the backyard.

Taking the ingredients from the fridge

Cutting cheese and fingers

Making the dough

We never forget the first mac and cheese

This skill opportunity came in a great time. Since I added the extra room to my suite and, finally, transformed it into a real house, the surroundings were a bit… empty. The money I earned while still being a Paramedic wasn’t enough to complete the kitchen and so, for a while, I contented myself with a bedroom, a double-bed and a fridge.

Aff, rough days. Remember it, diary? I had to write on you when there was still some day light because I didn’t have money to pay for electricity! But now… now I’ve got a proper kitchen and a big window in my bedroom. I’ve got lights all over the house. Now I can cook and enjoy my dinner by the garden area.

It smells bad

Dinner outside

It’s not yet enough. For my heirs, I shall leave a great mansion, with several rooms and a great entertainment area. It won’t take long. I’ll just do like I’m doing now, working low, taking care of my garden, avoiding suspicious by keeping old friends like Jamie and jumping over every opportunity I have.

Living life, as life can be

Like the one at the Divisadero. I took part into their logic contest, had some fun and went back home with some change for a pizza.

At the bookshop

Not bad at all. I’m just enjoying life as it can be.

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One thought on “Chapter 7: A lifetime of opportunities

  1. tipix7 says:

    I really hope a big money break comes for Brigida soon!

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