Chapter 1: A blank notepad

Sunday, autumn 2009.

It was always strange for me to start a whole new diary. As the previous notebook had no pages left and I had to start a new one, I always felt like part of my history was gone. This feeling is even stronger now since part – or all of – it has really vanished. I caused it and there are not even old diaries to look at for comfort. I’ve burned them. And so this blank page being now filled with these words is all that I have. This page marks where everything begins. If someone ever read my memories – if some future heir of mine ever find them hidden below those rubbish tiles that now cover what I’m supposed to call home – he or she must be satisfied with this clueless beginning. Clueless is how I feel and one must feel that way when all the surroundings are unfamiliar.

But it doesn’t necessarily means I’m sad or that things are bad. I chose a fresh start. I’m here for it. I’m here to built a great story and to engrave my name on History. And great legacy stories need secrecies. What happened before this page shall not matter and shall remain lost in the dust. What matters is now and today, and today I arrived at Sunset Valley. It was the further south I could go without severely compromising my scarce savings. The town seems to be experimenting some development – I’ve been exploring a bit during the day and saw one or another modern building – but the main core still resembles a hidebound way of living.


Finding a place to stay wasn’t easy – or cheap – and it consumed a lot of my energy. That is the worse thing about city development: the states’ prices reach the sky. I thought it would be clever to invest the small amount of money I had left on something lasting. And so I went to a real state office to ask about lots to buy. They presented me so shameful options! I could have a property by the beach – but it would have the size of a matchbox. Or a bigger one near the military base – in a barely pavemented street with no neighbors. Those real state offices’ employees are just so annoying and arrogant! I had to perform a small act. They just gave me something worth buying after I shoved a couple grands on their noses. If they only knew those were my last ones…

I ended buying this good-sized lot on a Sunset Valley’s plateau. When I arrived here I discovered I could even walk down through a stone slope to get to a small cute beach. Much better – and exclusive – than the main beach by which the first property they tried to sell me stood. The only problem is that this 15 Summer Hill Court that I can now call home cost me 14.700 simoleons, what left me with only 1.300 simoleons to actually built a whole house. And that’s exactly the reason why the shelter of this diary is made of such trashy tiles.

Starter home

It can’t not even be called a house. It’s a small toilet without a proper flooring and a wood bench on the outside. But it will have to do for now. I’m confident I’ll multiply this five simoleons cents I have left into a fortune! Well, I just must solve tomorrow’s breakfast issue. Who knows if I’ll be as lucky as this evening at the Central Park?

That was funny! The park itself could be more charming if it wasn’t for the huge fountain some politician built aiming to impress possible voters. I liked it though – but I must say it had something to do with the free food. While I was sitting by that distasteful fountain, I was called over by a sympathetic blond girl. I approached her and she introduced herself as Jamie Jolina. She was having a picnic with friends and asked if I would like to join. I guess I was staring at them: I haven’t ate too much during the day and I was quite hungry. Well, if the invitation was out of pity or fear that I could steal their food while they played catch or chatted absently, I don’t care. The food was quite good and their companionship, at least, useful.

At the fountain

Introduction: Jamie Jolina

Picnic with Jamie Jolina

I quickly learned some facts about the city. Some Morgana Wolf girl had been promoted after a long time on the same job position, for example. Gossips can be as revealing as diaries and this particular one made me aware of an opening at the local hospital. It was just a minor position and it didn’t require any special skills or degrees. Being aware of it made me think that this Morgana shouldn’t be the brightest bulb around. Better for me. I could apply for the job and quickly become Morgana’s boss. I’m ambitious!

I guess I’ll pass by the Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital tomorrow and see how it goes. I had enough for today already. Sleep as well as possible, my new diary! You’ll have to arrange yourself under those shabby tiles as I’ll have to do here on this shabby wood bench…

First night

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 1: A blank notepad

  1. gingergen says:

    I like the beginning you have – the blank diary and all that. Very clever.

    • jurocha says:

      Thanks Ginger! I will be posting new chapters later today, so I hope you keep tracking – and enjoying – the story. I’m having loads of fun. This is my first legacy at all and creating meaning to the random Sims’ actions add a completely new and different depth to the gameplay. I used to play with free will turned off, but due Pinstar challenge I had to change that habit and it’s quite interesting! I’ll also check your own stories now. Thanks for reading!

  2. xcin100x says:

    I really like the beginning of this whole legacy. I’ve added u to my blogroll, can u check it out and tell me what u thing? 🙂

  3. zoxell says:

    Nicely written! There are so many blogs out and about. It’s refreshing to find a gem every once in a while.

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