Paon’s founder


Brigida Paon


Gender: Female
Age: Elder
Fitness: None
Weight: Thin
Traits: Family-Oriented, Snob, Brave, Green Thumb, Ambitious
Favorite music: Classical
Favorite food: Grilled Salmon
Favorite color: White
Lifetime wish: Live in the lap of luxury

Download Brigida.

Founder Background:

Brigida Paon could have lead a majestic life, surrounded by all kinds of attentions, pleasures and jewelery. But the woman who gave birth to her – who she refuses to call mum or even mention the name nowadays – chose to quit a wealthy, but failed, marriage for a true simple love. Brigida had just turned into a teenager when the bad divorce happened and she was turned part of a whole new family. Despite being raised in a loving atmosphere, Brigida always resented her mother and her new lover. For Brigida, they were the reason why she lost the two things she most valued in life: richness and a family dynasty. The fact that her father never responded to her reconnect attempts only made this resentment grows deeper.

When she turned into an young adult, she gathered all the needed documents to gain full control over her heritage. But then she realized how badly the divorce had gone: for the beginning there wasn’t much money – since her mother’s true love began with a long lasting extramarital affair, her father moved mountains to restrict the rightful pension amount and, eventually, her mother also signed papers giving away all gifts and properties she once had. The modest heritage was slowly dilapidated by daily life: the costs of education of Brigida and her half twin brothers were extremely high and an extended period of unemployment also consumed quite some funds. The rich girl was, after all, a poor bankrupted one.

Brigida was so angry she decided to change her name and move away with the remaining funds. She erased all her family connections, adopting a forgotten 13th century surname – Paon, a reference to Paon du jour, an European butterfly species. She believed it would suit for a new beginning, since butterflies were symbol of both change, joy and secrecy. And there she was, the reforged brave girl, to start in a whole new world.

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3 thoughts on “Paon’s founder

  1. tipix7 says:

    I LOVE the background story! You’ve really made for a strong character here, I’m surprised you even spend time reading my legacy with such an amazing one starting here!

    • jurocha says:

      That’s so kind of you! Thanks!

      Gizi is also a very strong character (I was amazed by your work specially on The Evil that is Pauline Wan!) and I’m kinda anxious for the 3rd generation since Yvanna is my favorite heir!) and your pictures… are just great. Great light, great framing. I spend quite some time just looking at them.

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